Bespoke construction, landscaping and
rural props for film and TV production.

Greenery & Props

for film and TV production

What we do


When you’re looking for props, natural scenery and set dressing, we can offer everything from busses, burnt out cars and lampposts to agricultural props such as fencing, gateways, hay bales, harvested crops, seed, turf and more. We also source period-specific items, like fishing rods, farming tools and gardening implements.

Greenery & Timber

We use plant and natural materials to create accurate and life-like scenery, often adjusting the environment to be period-appropriate. When the War of the Worlds team requested fire-damaged trees for their set, we prepared them with ease, ensuring they arrived on time and within budget.

We’ve dug trenches and horse graves for war films, created earthworks and planted raised vegetable gardens. We’ve also cut back trees, dismantled and re-erected stock fencing, and removed any challenging obstacles.

We’re also good at hiding things! Using trees and natural foliage to hide non set specific areas.

Hunting Advice

To make hunting look accurate on-screen, it’s all about the details and we have the knowledge and experience to help you get these important technicalities right. Our background in rearing deer, as well as our expertise in game and countryside pursuits has helped us assist with major television dramas such as Peaky Blinders. All our animal props are ethically sourced and provided with the utmost care and professional guidance.

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I have worked with Richard and Alex on the BBC production of “War of the Worlds” Their expertise and enthusiasm was absolutely invaluable. I can completely recommend them and would hope to use them again on future productions.

Pat CampbellProduction Manager

I would be happy to recommend Alex and Richard. They were immensely helpful, able to act quickly, solve problems and react to change which is so important in this industry.

Maxine CarlierProduction Buyer

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