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Creative landscaping, greenery and props, ground cover and so much more!

By 8th January 2024No Comments

Netflix UK Fool Me Once landed on Monday 1 January 2024 and quickly shot to number 1.

The Thriller stars Michelle Keegan, Joanna Armitage and Richard Armitage and it was an absolute pleasure to be working closely across multiple sets behind the scenes!
A lot of the work was filmed at Arley Hall, and due to it often hosting weddings they understandably wanted to avoid damage to the grass and surrounding areas.
On the day of filming there was near to 100 people on this area and we more or less got away with next to no damage.
We also dug and created the grave seen in Episode 1 of Maya’s husband, amended roads along the pavement joins so that cars could drive over in chases and dressed both Arley hall and homes on the series.
The Wainwright team also laid astroturf to prevent damage from lighting towers, as well as last minute touches at Arley Hall greening up a very plain Pergola which is seen in a couple of scenes where Judith is in the grounds!
Check out the images below and please speak to us about our creative landscaping, greenery and props and ground cover services, we would love to hear from you.
Fool Me Once - Netflix - Creative Landscaping & Greenery
Fool me once - Netflix - Road dressing
Ground cover - Fool Me Once Netflix
Greenery & Props - Fool Me Once - Netflix