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War of The World – the official images

By 18th June 2020June 19th, 2020No Comments

War of The Worlds had all the right ingredients for the Wainwright team; enabling works, landscape construction, set design and reinstatement works -and we loved every minute of it!

From receiving the original brief to generating ideas, testing materials and concepts to finding creative solutions to various elements of the landscape construction and set design, we really enjoyed working with the production team, helping to bring the story to life.

Some of the many highlights included creating the burnt impact zone both in our workshop and on set and also creating the giant crater – it totally captured the Wainwright teams imaginations.

Working on multiple sites was also great fun, from the the burnt impact zone in a beautiful forest, to the lanes of Great Budworth, to the red zone in an aircraft hanger, it was great amazing transforming different environments.

And when filming was all over, we were the last on site, putting everything back together. Leaving feeling like ‘our job here is well and truly done’!

What a great production!